Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

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Re: Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

babart wrote:

You could be right. The two telephoto primes -- 70/2.4 and 100/2.8 -- I usually carry weigh 17oz (480gm) with the rather heavy PK to FX adapter. Both lenses are all metal, but the 70 is a digital pancake and hence remarkably light. The 50-200 weighs in at 20oz (580gm.) However, I also usually carry a Pentax 15/4, which certainly weighs more than 100gm -- 212 to be exact per Photozone. About the same as the Fuji 14.

If I bought the Fuji 14 and one of the Fuji zooms that would eliminate the adapter. The 50-200 would weigh 3oz more than my current kit and the 55-230 would weigh 3.5oz less.

You're right. The weight isn't worth considering. That brings me back to image quality.

I'll see if I can rent the zooms and do my own testing......

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I assume you saw the comparison on page 2 of this thread:


Confirms what Photozone has stated, that the 55-200 is a little sharper than the 50-230.  I suspect a test of the corners would show an even greater discrepancy.

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