'Organic' Prints from Digital Photos?

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bford wrote:

Henry Falkner wrote:

Off Topic: Motivated by some inconsistencies and the tone of your replies, I had a look at your profile.

If it does say who you are, and where you are, I have missed it.

You have not started a thread recently.

You have not taken part in any challenges.

You have nothing in your galleries.

If you do have a camera, it is not listed.

Are those things prerequisites to participate in discussions?

No, they are not prerequisites. But they do enhance your credibility.

My "tone?" I have simply asked you some questions based on what you have said.

You barf at everyone you respond to. Check 'Latest' in your Profile.

What "inconsistencies?"

Laser printers generally use a dry process, based on the electrostatic principle.

I just found one lab in Auckland that still offers 35mm processing and printing. But the advert stresses that most wet process labs have either switched over or disappeared. How old is your mini lab observation?

Certainly, 'Warehouse Stationary' uses no photo paper that requires chemical processing. The turnaround for my five 18"x12" prints was inside an hour, including lamination. The 46"x33" print took longer, because the girl had to question my order. I specified by mistake a 66"x46" print, for which they have no lamination process. In my estimation, no wet process can match such turnaround times.

This will be my last response to your responses.


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