Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

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Re: Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

babart wrote:

Tests would be great, Rich, and thanks. I would love the 300/4.5, but don't know if it's worth the money to buy the WR version of the 55-300. Or where the 55-300 sits compared to the two Fujis. Or to primes, which are usually better optically but one needs to carry more than one :).

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Ok - I'll try to get some tests done over the next few days. I'm interested to compare myself!

But if it wasn't for the Pentax body & lens WR, and getting bothered about flying sand and sea spray, I'd probably keep just the two Fuji zooms. There is a super tele on the Fuji roadmap, but there is no way I would be able to justify the cost of that one ...   Hence my decision to keep the Pentax for the time being. I'm also hoping to get to the Camargue on the Mediterranean either this autumn or in the spring, and so ideally want a longer lens for that purpose.

The basic DA 55-300 is the same lens optically as the WR version, and can be bought used for very little these days.

I think if you can accept the extra weight of the 55-200, I would get that. Its a lens that will get a lot of use ...

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