'Organic' Prints from Digital Photos?

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bford wrote:

Henry Falkner wrote:

bford wrote:

Again, when considering the environment you must look at the bigger picture.

The print processing machines both at Colour Processing Laboratory in Edenbridge, Kent, England and at Viko here in Auckland, New Zealand had a continuous belt 5 foot wide, dipping into chemical solutions and washes one after the other. At the end was a drier powerful enough to dry 5x4 foot prints (which I produced) in about four minutes. Our clothes drier is not as big and powerful as that print drier. All prints went through these machines. Viko had water recycling, which had to produce water cleaner than tap water to suit the processing needs.

OK. And? That sounds like a very specialized setup that can't be compared to the typical wet lab.

So I am telling you about the bigger picture, and you complain.

You missed one of my mistakes. There was no wash between the first developer and the stop bath for transparency processing.

Off Topic: Motivated by some inconsistencies and the tone of your replies, I had a look at your profile.

If it does say who you are, and where you are, I have missed it.

You have not started a thread recently.

You have not taken part in any challenges.

You have nothing in your galleries.

If you do have a camera, it is not listed.


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