Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

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Re: Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

Well, Photozone puts the 55-200 ahead of the 50-230 across the range @F8.  Comparing the 55-200 @ 55mm to the Fuji 56mm prime @ F8 puts the zoom slightly ahead in the center, but the prime slightly ahead in the corners (which means it would be better overall for landscapes).  I suspect this would hold true when comparing most zooms to any well-designed prime - the corners will be better with the primes.

So, if I were you I'd take a look at the graphs for the Pentax primes when mounted on Pentax bodies.  If they show little degradation in the corners at F8, then I'd say you have a good chance they will outperform the 55-200, at least in the corners.  But I don't think you'll ever get a test from a website like Photozone that will answer your question exactly, so you might just have to test on your own.

Personally, I gave up on the idea of carrying multiple primes to replace the 55-200.  It's very good, and lighter than a bunch of primes, although I'm comparing it to a Nikon 105 f2.5, which is itself fairly heavy.  Perhaps the Pentax primes are lighter.

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