Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

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Re: Fuji 5O-230 compared to primes

babart wrote:

Jees, I have the hardest time comparing lens quality today. Used to be this was described as discernible lines/mm. Now it depends on the sensor being tested with the lens and the method of testing.

When shooting landscapes I've taken to using a few Pentax prime lenses for longer reaches. On both the Pentax K-5 and the Fuji X-E1 (with adapter.) These include 70, 90, 100, 135, and 200mm lenses. I don't carry all of them, just one or two at a time :). I'm doing this because the Pentax 55-300 I've used previously doesn't seem critically sharp when at midrange and out farther. This lens is touted as being pretty decent for a consumer lens, and most Pentax users might agree.

Enter the two telephoto Fuji zooms. The 55-200 just seems too heavy, and the 50-230 is almost too good to believe for the price. But I can't find a way to compare either of these lenses to the Pentax 55-300, or to the various primes I sometimes use. For example, Photozone has yet to test the Pentax 55-300 with the 16mpix sensor on the K-5, so comparing it with the two Fuji zooms (which they have tested) isn't possible.

Anyone have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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Well, those same thoughts have been buzzing around my head, since I have the XF 55-200, the XC 50-230, as well as the Pentax 55-300 ...!!  And the DA*300 f4 for good measure ...

Before I sold my DA*60-250 - (due to SDM failure) I tested it against the Fuji 55-200, which I had just bought. After cropping, they were very close ...

Then I bought an XC 50-230 for 150€ incl shipping!  Never used and from a kit. It does seem that Fuji maintain much the same optical quality for both their XC & XF series zooms, and this was borne out by my early tests.  I decided to get the 50-230 for its very low weight and longer range, and it works very well, providing there are decent light conditions.

I replaced the 60-250 with a Pentax 55-300 - the latest HD WR version. Obviously much greater FL than the Fujis, but I wanted WR as I live within minutes of some fairly wild coastline. In harsh winter conditions on the beach, images can be quite spectacular.  I know the Fuji 55-200 is a heavier lens, but previous Canon users say that it is at least equal to the best L glass equiv zooms ... It really is that good. But the 50-230 is too ...

The Pentax 55-300 is excellent as a lightweight zoom with long reach, but it does have soft edge issues and some CA, which is absent on the Fujis.

I can post some tests if that helps ...?

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