'Organic' Prints from Digital Photos?

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Mass producton

Henry Falkner wrote:

I am comparing home production environments - wet and dry. The ink cartridges I throw away are nothing like the volume of packaging and chemical solutions that I would need even just for 35mm film processing.

Yes, certainly for home and local studio production inkjet footprint is much, much smaller and cleaner.

The print processing machines both at Colour Processing Laboratory in Edenbridge, Kent, England and at Viko here in Auckland, New Zealand had a continuous belt 5 foot wide, dipping into chemical solutions and washes one after the other. At the end was a drier powerful enough to dry 5x4 foot prints (which I produced) in about four minutes.

Bulk printing machines are designed to produce a lot of output per hour.  If fully utilized, they tend to cheaper even accounting for all of that chemistry and electricity.  But they are terribly inefficient for small scale work.

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