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Re: FF possible?

jennyrae wrote:

Large part of reason why Sony escaped with electronic company stigma is acquisition of minolta which made transition of perception much easy. They used sony-minolta name first before decide to drop minolta name after getting user-base. Samsung though follow different approach by form temp partnership with pentax before going its own way. They did not establish user base when they went solo. If they bought pentax, they might have got pentax user base and avoid stigma.

On one hand it's good for us in terms of Samsung having to continuously try to put in as much value per dollar (or Euro, or what have you) as possible to attract customers, but on the other it's sad. I remember scoffing at Samsung mirrorless cameras a year ago at Best Buys, as I had NO idea they were not more than compact sensor cameras in a pretty package, as they were located right next to their tablets instead of with other cameras, and I did not even look closely. How wrong and small-minded I was. Having gone the Nikon route recently and then having read about lots of other options intensively, I sold all of my Nikon stuff and went with a Samsung mirrorless very consciously. Specifically not Sony, because of their lens selection. Samsung lens selection is really quite great for a mirrorless camera range, and their prices are very reasonable too vs., say, Fuji, which I was strongly considering in parallel (I was looking to get an X-E1).  Color accuracy and consistency and very natural rendition are just really great.

Anyway, I think what Samsung has already deserves a lot more recognition, though at the moment we can enjoy it, like a great music band you can still see up-close at a small venue before they get big and you can only see them from a mile away at a huge stadium with $200 tickets

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