Why do so many here hope officer wilson is guilty?

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Re: Only your perception

Morris Sullivan wrote:

Bonker wrote:

Those that hate black people and those that hate cops. There seems to be no middle ground and it is causing me distress to say the least.

I wish moderates, as a whole, were more vocal...

There are some people here who clearly have issues with blacks, and many who clearly have issues with the police. But there are plenty of people who don't fit either category.

Your perception is that if you support the police you must hate blacks, and if you don't support the police you must hate the police.

What would you base your statement that I hate blacks on?

Can you point out a single post where I have said anything negative in regards to another race?

(Canadians aren't a race by the way )

I think you're confused. Have I quoted you and commented on anything you specifically said?

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