E-PL5/OMD E-M10/E-M5 for a m4:3 noob?

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E-PL5/OMD E-M10/E-M5 for a m4:3 noob?

Good evening everyone!

I've always loved photography and wanted to get into it. However, the bulkiness and weight of DSLRs have always driven me off, and after some days of research I've come to believe that an Olympus micro 4:3 is what I'm looking for: light, great quality of pics, versatile. However, I'm stuck choosing amongst the three models listed: E-PL5, OMD E-M10 and E-M5. This is how the prices stand:

E-PL5: selling NEW for 340€ ($452) with 14-42mm lens.

E-M10: selling NEW for 800€ ($1062) with 14-42 EZ lens - or secondhand for around 500-600€ ($660-$800)

E-M5: selling NEW for 1099€ ($1460) with 12-50mm lens - or secondhand for 630€ ($830)

I'm tempted to buy the cheapest option (the E-PL5), since this will be my first "real" camera and maybe I can't be fully aware of the advantages the other two models offer over it... but on the other hand, I'm not someone who suffers from "upgraditis", nor do I plan on having more than one camera - I would like a m4:3 camera that will last me for the longest time possible, which makes me want to go straight for the E-M10 or E-M5, for their higher quality (better specs last longer). However, I'm torn because for their price, I could buy the E-PL5 plus other lenses, or/and an EVF (and I like the fact that the E-PL5's screen comes all the way up, too), but I also don't want to be stuck with a camera that will be outdated soon. Ah, decisions, decisions!

I'll be using the camera mainly for street photography and portraits (no use of a telezoom), and I like to travel as light as possible (one lens or two at most). I think this philosophy of "one camera, one lens" would suit me well.

Any help in making a decision would be most welcome! I've stalked this forum many, many times and I'm eager to read your recommendations and advice, because I really can't make make up my mind.


Olympus OM-D E-M10 Olympus PEN E-PL5
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