does anyone out there own a D810 that is in the unaffected serial number range?

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Could you post your firmware numbers now?

Lance B wrote:

MisterHairy wrote:

Hey Lance. Has the firmware update "fixed" your camera? Is it now completely spot free, even in a torture test? Did you get the impression that this fix would get rolled into a general firmware release at some point in the future?

As you know, my D810 was pretty good before the "fix". I would not say it was completely spot free but it is marginally better than it was which was good before the fix, but still way better than my D800E. There will not be a firmware update that can be done over the net, according to the techy I spoke to. I got the feling it is too big and complicated.

See this is the ridiculous thing I knew would happen. There are always ways to make those pixels appear such as long exposures, looking in shadows and raising the exposure on the computer. To expect zero spots is just not going to happen or there would be no need for the LENR in the first place. So it's marginally better...meaning it is very hard indeed to know if your camera is really affected or not, because it will never be totally spot free! As I showed yesterday, the lens cap test is NOT sufficient to test for this. You need to do a dark image, long exposure with plenty of shadows and then pull up the exposure on the computer and check in those darkest areas

Lance, could you post your A/B firmware numbers from the menus??

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