Help request - Blown highlights with my E-P5

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Re: I agree, the EP5 is WAY ahead of older cameras

Maklike Tier wrote:

I process in RAW. The jpeg export in Lightroom is fine. I mean, it's obviously compressed,

No it isn't. If you're JPEG conversions look "obviously compressed," then something isn't right in your settings.

As far as I can see, anyway. If I import as RAW, and then 'export full size jpeg' in Lr, they look for all-intents-and-purposes the same.

They shouldn't. How can they look the same if you've made adjustments to the raw file? This makes no sense.

What I'm saying is that it's irrelevant if I adjust the EV plus or minus 1/3 or even 2/3 - I'm still pushing that Highlights slider in Lightroom all the way over to the left to recover detail in the highlights. And it gets worse the greater the scene contrast.

This makes no sense either. You need to post samples. Seems to me you're over-exposing your images. Why and how you're overexposing them isn't known, but I'm willing to bet it's simple operator error and has nothing to do with the camera itself.

Also, I'm pretty new to this 'non-incidental' photography thing, so I'm really just after some constructive dialogue about whether what I'm seeing is normal, whether it's an E-P5 thing, or whether I just don't know what I'm doing and that there's a better way.

Post samples!

Thanks for the comments so far though, it's been a good help.

In what way? Seems like nothing posted and said here has helped at all.

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