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Re: You can't design forever. They needed to ship a real product.

Wayne Larmon wrote:

Bluetooth mice and keyboards (if you don't want to use the MS case/keyboard) work very well.


In the case of my SP2/128 the MS bluetooth mouse is appalling. The installation process was truly strange and I almost gave up and took the thing back until I stumbled on a counter-intuitive procedure (which I've forgotten). Now it works - when it feels like it. I'd say about 5% of the time it suffers from narcolepsy and I have to resort to prodding the screen or (ugh) touchpad. It recovers after unpredictable lengths of time from 10 - 45 seconds approx.

This is the second "type" kb I've had. A vowel key (clue) failed on the preceding one; now the "a" on this one's intermittent after a couple of months of very light use. The 2/3 size left-hand shift key is a truly mysterious inclusion and constant source of irritation.

After several months correspondence with Microsoft I finally managed to obtain a Mini-display adaptor cable. I could write quite a lot about the ludicrous incompetence of the company when it came even to simply supplying this - the MS store lacked the adapter completely and once it was in stock the "store" itself was malfunctioning and nothing could be despatched. Now I finally have the cable.

The decision to use this format of socket (and case profile) was idiotic. Even the £35 (free to me though if you discount the three 3rd party examples and the RT version that MS originally supplied me in error it's cost about £60) MS version which has an angled plug profile doesn't fit flush with the case. In consequence all the enormous strain applied by the adapter plus HDMI cables is exerted on the socket internals: a fantastically bad design. Obviously the numbskull responsible for this aspect of the device had never encountered the "principle of moments" - assuming he had any engineering qualification at all. It's almost guaranteed to break before too long.

I have never even seen an SP3 so I'd have to reserve final judgement however the SP2 is an abortion. I'd certainly avoid buying any hardware designed by Microsoft ever again. And my correspondence with the company looks unlikely to stop soon.

Anyone care to guess what will happen to the device when, not if, the battery performance declines to the point where it's completely useless as a portable device. Microsoft seem unable to tell me.

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