Purchase decision - Pentax Limited lens or Fuji XM-1 ??

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I love Fuji's colors but get the DA 35 Limited instead

rsenk19 wrote:


I got a cheque for $500. I had made my mind to go for HD 35mm macro limited to use with my K5IIs. One of my friend who has recently converted to higher end Fuji camera suggested me to invest that $500 "wisely" in getting one Fuji XM-1 along with the 16-50mm kit lens which is coming around $480. His claim was Fuji produces the bestJ PEG colors which will be much helpful as a second body to my Pentax as well as family portraits. Also the claim of him is is Fuji produces nice skin tones.

I am little confused as there is a general understanding that Fuji produces the best OOC JPEG colors, should I go for Fuji XM-1 instead of my long wished 35mm macro limited for better JPEG colors?

As a Pentax user, how do I produce better skin tones of family portraits than Fuji camera?

Note : I don`t shoot with RAW. I almost shoot with JPEG as default.

Before the summer offer is over, I have to decide.:-|

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I also do think that Fuji's JPG color profiles are the best out there. As much as I would want to also own a Fuji system, like others said, the complexity of another mount is something to think off especially that you already have another K mount back up.

Pentax's SOOC JPG are also good but I do favor Fuji's more. Why not just shoot RAW? Download a Fuji profile you like in LR and batch apply them? The sharp sensor of the K5IIs combined with the very sharp DA 35 Limited could serve you better for your purpose.

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