'Organic' Prints from Digital Photos?

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Re: 'Organic' Prints from Digital Photos?

Henry Falkner wrote:

I deliberately chose the chemical meaning.

As much as I like digital I am very happy that I can still print my digital photos to traditional photo paper. In fact, all my printed photos are now printed to traditional photo paper.

Now I consider 'organic' printing unnecessary in most cases, and irresponsible.

I don't quite follow. You seem to be contradicting yourself.

By 'traditional' photo paper are you talking about the RA-4 process? That is currently the most popular with quick cheap minilabs and uses heaps of chemistry. It's also used in the high end LAMBDA printers.
If so, isn't that considered an 'organic' process? C-type printing since the 1950's is pretty much the same thing as RA-4.
Otherwise there are dry labs out there but from what I've seen the quality sucks b*lls.
Apologies if I am incorrect on any of this or have misunderstood.

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