Rain effects with 4k video (FZ1000) test...

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Rain effects with 4k video (FZ1000) test...

We had a thunderstorm pass over us yesterday evening, and I thought I'd try to take advantage of it and learn about using shutter speeds in 4k video with something moving fast (in this case the rain drops).

There were two videos taken... the first using 1/1000 second shutter speed... the second at 1/100.

The results are interesting! At the higher shutter speed, the raindrops are better defined, but because of the frame rate (30fps) versus the raindrop's speed, they start to look like hail instead of rain drops. At the slower 1/100 second shutter speed, the raindrops become streaked (motion blur) and it starts to look more like rain.

When playing the videos (links below), I highly recommend downloading the files first (playback from Dropbox directly has poor quality), and then playback with VLC or other player that can handle the high resolution without issues. Quicktime seems to have problems - at least on my computer.

A photo extraction at 1/1000 second:
(video is at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f8lehcyf6fa6paz/P1010594.MP4 ) File size: 384MB

Shutter speed at 1/1000 second for 4k video. Looks okay for stills, but video playback looks like hail.

A photo extraction at 1/100 second:
(video is at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8svgr6e1k7mjjv/P1010595.MP4 ) File size: 270 MB

Shutter speed at 1/100 second for 4k video. Looks more realistic in video. Still photo has more motion blur.

I imagine this will also translate to sport and action photography. Fast shutter speeds in video allows fantastic still photo captures... slower shutter speeds will cause some motion blur, and depending on the subject can be either positive or negative.

I'd be interested in what others find out... So much to learn!

Best wishes,

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