Thermal noise issue in 1.2X crop mode?

Started Aug 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
Richard Spangler Contributing Member • Posts: 913
Re: no noticeable issues in 1.2X crop mode, serious issue in long exposure mode

Im on the same page.  I would only send it in to give my OCD a rest.  Also when I seek the body down the road it may be brought up by the buyer.

TOR8472 wrote:

OK, so with fairly thorough testing in 1.2X crop mode, I can't see any issues. However, in LE mode with LENR off, I see a ton of white dots. Turning LENR on however, completely corrects the problem. I'm considering sending it just to get this over with, although in practical normal use for my shooting style, I may have never seen this issue as I turn LENR on.

I'm hoping for others to confirm the 1.2X issue, as that is what truly concerns me - having that show up at a random time.

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