Pulling stills from 4K video in FZ1000 vs g4h vs full frame

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Re: Pulling stills from 4K video in FZ1000 vs g4h vs full frame

Ontario Gone wrote:

As others have said, there is far more to video than the sensor, somewhat in contrast to how stills work. Video has codecs and compression, so some of the best stills cameras in the world end up recording horrible video and thus horrible video still captures. Panasonic is well known for outstanding video resolutions regardless of the sensor size, and there isn't much that will beat the GH4 in pure IQ until ISO gets high. In high ISO i would say the A7s will be better, at lower ISO the GH4 is king.

All other factors being equal the difference between gh4 and fz1000 may be only the size of the pixels: 3.74 µm for gh4 and 2.4 µm for FZ1000 (54% bigger in gh4). Logically this should have a great difference in IQ.

Unless the FZ1000 does something else like biding pixel together in order to take advantage of its higher pixel density (not very likely).

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