New climate deniers challenge, part 2

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New climate deniers challenge, part 2

Well, the first thread seemed fun, but nobody seemed to post an argument. Maybe I missed it, if so, post it here.

So, one persistent claim (lie) is that we science folk ignore your arguments, request them again, and ignore them.

This is unfortunately incorrect. We do debunk your arguments and an unfortunate side effect of that is that you "skeptics" have started to become very coy about posting actual arguments. Now it's all just rhetoric and backslapping. This is very boring. I want things to investigate.

So, here's a thread to post your most robust argument.

The caveat is that you will be expected to support your argument. No more random graphs for which you don't know the origin. No more creative numbers, that don't actual come from the citations listed.

Now, surely you "skeptics" have been keeping track on which arguments have been debunked, and are ridiculous. Surely you have at least one, solid, cogent argument that doesn't result in a facepalm. Surely you have one claim that has been well investigated and withstood all attacks.

Please, post it here. This is your thread to debunk science.

A few rules.

No Gish Gallops - yes, Kameraone. That one's for you. You may have a nice PDF of hundreds of pages of climate denier rants. Well, you find the rants in that PDF that are solid. I'm not going to do your work for you.

No hit and runs. You support your arguments and stick around to support them. If you can't support them then you retract them.

Oh yeah, here's my refutation to Chris59's claims about accuweather vs his thermometer.

Accuweathers data comes from bom, and there are no bom weather stations at Gisborne.'s gear's gear list
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