Debunking the D810 Thermal Noise "Issue"

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Re: Debunking the D810 Thermal Noise "Issue"

ncsakany wrote:

SereneMelancholia wrote:

I checked my serial number with the link and got a message which disappeared too fast to read, but got diverted to the shipping label section. I simply left the site and decided to test my camera instead. A 30 second exposure of my lens cap was pure black both on raw (examined in lightroom) and the in camera jpeg produced at the same time (examined in Faststone (both at 1:1), even with no long exposure noise reduction. Furthermore, the test was mistakenly done as ISO 400.

People should probably test their cameras in order to determine if they have the issue before they send it off. I decided that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, rather than risk having it damaged in shipment or the testing lab.

I have not received any notification from Nikon at the email address at which the camera is registered.

If you got redirected to the shipping info then your camera is affected.

I agree with checking it out though; I did it and mine is quite bad. Had it been similar to the OP test, I wouldn't have bothered to send it in - he only got some very sparse white pixels. Mine are of all the colors, and quite densely distributed.

Yes, the effect is quite clear on the images you posted.  I wish we had more info on why some cameras are affected and some are not.

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