Pulling stills from 4K video in FZ1000 vs g4h vs full frame

Started Aug 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Pulling stills from 4K video in FZ1000 vs g4h vs full frame

Vesku wrote:

There are far more factors in IQ than pixel size in microns.

It is not very easy to use video to make photos. Compression is worse than photo JPEGs and video related shutter speed is normally leading to too much motion blur.

With my GH4 photos from 4k video are much worse than actual photos developed from RAW. 4k crops sensor in GH4 and even more in FZ1000 so no wide photos from 4k video.

But still I think that GH4 is the best camera to make 8Mpixel photos from video. Sony A4s may be better but it needs an external recorder.

Of course the 75MB RAWs of my Nikon D800 give me great photographs. I understand the limitations of this big compromise.

Having said that I wonder if the 8MP of 4K stills from gh4 will be like a 1/2,5' sensor compact photos or better than that.

Basically I don't understand what criterion I should consider to choose from for that purpose (pull stills from video).

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