Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Re: Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

HSway wrote:

Pardon me but where did you get this from? The previous Sigma 50 was highly rated but it’s quite different to 58G. If you are after more resolution then the new 50A will blow you away in terms of the bokeh, especially if the previous Sigma seemed good. Check them out side by side for bokeh comparison. It took me one or two minutes to find it.

Thanks for posting the link - I didn't find that review. It actually confirms my conclusions about the background rendering of these various lenses. I don't have time to track down samples right now, but I would start off by looking at Nasim Mansurov's review of the 50 Art, where he posts bokeh samples too:

I looked at literally hundreds of photos on Flickr taken by these lenses, and after a while a trend emerged. Now of course these are not controlled tests but I tried to identify what the trend in background appearance was depending on focus distances. This is what I found:

The 50 Art: It has the most consistent background rendering - it looks virtually the same at all focus distances. This is to be expected since it is such a highly corrected lens. Its bokeh disks are very uniform, with perhaps a very slight outline depending on the focus distance. The disks are quite hard and well defined.

The old 50 EX: At closer distances, bokeh disks are very soft - the outer edges are less 'opaque' than the center, probably due to SA. It gives a very mellow look at this distance. The disks towards the corner of the frame remain almost circular - very nice. At greater distances the disks tend to develop an outline, and towards the corner of the frame they lose their circular shape and become quite harsh triangles.

The Nikon 58: Pretty much exactly the same as the Sigma EX, except: at close distances its bokeh is even slightly softer, and towards the frame corners the disks become ellipses.

Perhaps in your 'Bokeh samples in context' thread I'll post examples of all these.

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