Pulling stills from 4K video in FZ1000 vs g4h vs full frame

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Re: Pulling stills from 4K video in FZ1000 vs g4h vs full frame

HellAn wrote:

Hi there,

I am new to this forum but I read you for years.

I am wondering which camera in best for pulling still frames: FZ1000 vs g4h vs a full frame camera . I am particularly interested in the 4K stills pulled out from FZ1000 and g4h (which one is best).

Based on the fact that both camera gives us a 8MP still frame (from 4K video), we should take into consideration the size of pixels (in microns). So if gh4 have 16mp in a 4/3 sensor this means a 80% bigger pixel size than fz1000 pixels (20mp in an 1'' sensor). So the stills from 4K video in the gh4 in comparison with 4K still frames of fz1000 4K video should be substantial better (because the pixels in gh4 are almost 80% bigger).

Am I right?

And If I am right then maybe (based on "line skipping" procedures of sensors and sensor size in microns) the stills pulled out from a Full HD video of a FF camera like D4s (with pixels as big as 7 or 8 microns) is almost of the same quality as the one from stills pulled out from 4K video of gh4?

Am I thinking correctly?

My obvious purpose is to find which camera is best only for pulling still frames from video.

There are many things to think about. For instance the shutter speed, which if the video is to be smooth, often is to long for a sharp frame grab.

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