Chickadee Fun with D810

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Re: Chickadee Fun with D810

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

The technical side is taken care of, now move away from that ugly bird feeder and get them on a branch, which is no great trick with chickadees.

I know... sometimes I'm tempted to do that. But...

For many years, I have had pet parrots. I've tried so hard to take photos of them on branches and make it look like they were in the wild. One day, I set up a tripod and took some photos of them with me...closeups of them perched on my hands. Then, they looked right. It was an "aha moment" for me and caught me totally by surprise. Because that's how I see them... perched with me or in their "houses".

I think, for me, it's kind of the same thing with my outside birdies. I spend lots of $ feeding them, lots of time. I LOVE seeing them on our feeders. I love sitting in my backyard, just watching them eat. It's so relaxing and gives me joy. So, that's what I like to photograph. That's what looks "natural" to me.

My older brother once said to me, "Why do you take all those photos of family? No one's gonna care about that in 100 years from now. Take some photos of things that are beautiful or that mean something to lots of people." And he's right. But...I guess I realized that I don't photograph for other people, I photograph for me

Oh well...perhaps I shouldn't post them then. I just was having so much fun


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