Debunking the D810 Thermal Noise "Issue"

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Debunking the D810 Thermal Noise "Issue"

Hi all. I posted these images in a different thread but thought that it may just be worth giving them their own thread to make them a little more visible for those who have been given cause for concern by the publicity for this apparent thermal noise issue which could destabilise world peace. As usual, the Internet hysteria machine is getting into full swing so I am hoping that a few calm words and some actual image data will help ease the nerves.

Below are two images, both 30s exposures with the lens cap on taken at ISO100 with long exposure noise reduction disabled. The first one is from my recently purchased D810 and the other is from my Df which I bought at the same time. Both images have +50 clarity set and +3ev exposure push. Both images are of the upper left corner shown at 100% in Lightroom.

As you can see, the D810 is very clean indeed. There is basically no noise there or anywhere else in the frame. The Df is another story altogether and is littered with noise. I am happy that my D810 is the cleanest camera which I have ever had, by an enormous margin and am surprised by just how noisy the Df is. It is about the noisiest camera that I have.

Nikon's European site tells me that my D810 needs to be sent in for repair.

Now, I am not saying that this issue does not exist. I am saying that it might not affect you, even if Nikon say it does and certainly, it does not seem to affect all D810 cameras. Others are reporting the same.

My advice is that you do not succumb to the wailing and gnashing of teeth that you may see on here and do your own test. You might be pleasantly surprised. You might even be blown away.

D810 dark frame. Clean as a whistle.

Df dark frame. Dirty as a cheap... well you know.

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