Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Re: Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Can't help you with the Sig's but I've been pretty happy with the 50mm f1.8G. It gets a bit of a bad rap IMO. I rented the 58mm hoping to see a huge improvement (especially bokeh) but didn't. Here are a couple test snapshots for your own perusal/judgment:

Very nice -- the years old Sigma 1.4 holds up very well against the Nikon 58mm. Sad that their ART update offering doesn't work on the D810 without errors, has worse bokeh & that Nikon's 58 is fuzz wide open. But this older lens and the 58 are very lovely renderings. If the Noct 1.2 is the 58mm's father, then the Sigma 50/1.4 Mark I was certainly its mother. I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if Nikon was chasing the "cream king" intentionally and this the direction they chose over the Noct route, while keeping the heritage. But this is getting too poetic, so I'll just say, if someone can't afford or justify a 58, you might just get a Nikon 1.8D & a Sigma 50/1.4 Mark I and swap between them. Invest in an 85 (1.4 or 1.8), 28 (1.8) or 24 (1.4) and that's a nice set of primes. You want something with technical sharpness, the 35/1.4 ART can't be beat, but you'll still have a 28 or 24 if you want something special.

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It seems like 58G and 50/1.8G samples on Dx.

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