SEL35F18 or SEL35F28Z for an A6000

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Re: SEL35F18 or SEL35F28Z for an A6000

I can see the attraction of OSS, but  on my NEX7 there is nothing much wrong with the kit lens from 24mm to 35+, it is sharp but slower. I saw a secondhand 35mmf1.8Z the other day. It was ONLY £400 secondhand. That's the airfare return to the USA!!

For street stuff the Sigma 30mm f2.8 is absolutely fine. They get more sun than us and anyway at 100-200 iso you will certainly see how sharp it is. New £130 with a 3 year warranty, and just that wee bit wider than 35mm. Nice.

Then there's the 50mm f1.8 OSS. Mine is excellent. Very sharp and crisp. Great for situations a little further away.

You might find it better to use manual focus and depth of field. I have discovered that my Nex misfocusses on bright contrasty surfaces, like shiny clothes, sequinned dresses, and groups of backlit people. If you set a 30-35mm lens manually to a marked distance of 3metres or 10 feet at f8 everything is in sharp focus from 10ft to infinity.

So if you do this with the kit lens and then zoom when you need.....

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