Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series

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Re: Nikon 1.8g's vs Sigma 1.4 Art Series, the 3D-look and real photos

anotherMike wrote:

Actually, regarding the warmth of the respective lenses, the Sigma 35/1.4 is a bit warmer than the Nikon 35/1.8G. The Nikon 28/1.8G however is warmer than the 35/1.8G. And I certainly wouldn't classify Sigma or Zeiss color as cold at all - if anything, they tend to be more accurate across the entire tonal range than Nikon in many cases.


Hi anotherMike,

80-200/2.8 vs. 70-200VRII
You had mentioned the 80-200/2.8 vs. the 70-200VRII earlier, but it was such a brief statement that I couldn't understand which you preferred (you mentioned that your friend could see the difference). I noticed that Stacey uses the 80-200/2.8. Is this an endorsement of the older lens? For what particular qualities? Or did you mean the 70-200VRII is a significant upgrade for some particular reasons? I have the 70-200VRII and have enjoyed it, but I find myself using wide-lenses far more often. My 70-200VRII has developed a terrible squeak that's annoying me, and after I service it at Nikon, I'm considering swapping it for a 70-200/4. Just curious if a 80-200/2.8 might be an interesting alternative while pocketing the difference.

35/1.8 vs. 35/1.4G vs. 35/1.4ART
I also feel you are endorsing the Sigma. But it seems in contrast to the 35/1.8. I didn't see anywhere where you mentioned the 35/1.4G in this thread (I may have missed it). Of course, I don't expect you to have experience with every lens in existence, but I have been recently developing "taste buds" for photography, after about 5 years of light hobbyist activity & I feel very "not sure" about the 35/1.4G, apart from sharpness (which is weak), but I can't tell if what I'm seeing is good or bad. I love the 85/1.4G, which I feel is almost perfect excepts its AF wide open. I like the unique qualities of the 135/2DC, even though I consider it to have defects. I love the 24/1.4 in smaller prints and am always a bit sad its not sharper wide open for larger views. But I can't seem to pin down the qualities of the 35/1.4G. How would you describe the the Nikon 35 1.4 G? I respect your pallet distinction for image qualities -- color, etc, etc, not just sharpness. I've been disappointed using it wide open with busy foliage in the background, but its unique just the same, if soft with heavy chromatic aberration.

High Standard Lenses?
The way you've described your tastes, several times, I'm curious which lenses you rely on (Nikon or 3rd party) to meet your exacting standards, when on a Nikon DSLR? My first DSLR lens was the 50/1.4 SIGMA mark I, and I found it wonderful. But the damn thing wouldn't focus worth a damn. So I exchanged it for the 50/1.4 Nikon which was dead on every time and super reliable. But it lacked a lot of magic. In fact, I never liked 50mm since using the Nikon.  I always assumed this was my ignorance, but several years later, I realize, these are my tastes buds.  I haven't been able to make great photography, but I can appreciate the subtle differences and things of beauty, and strongly look for the tools to develop those skills over my lifetime. I may only be 5 years into it, but I've quite a few more years to go and will keep looking for the right tools and practicing.

There's some kind of quote that has haunted me since highschool (especially since I'm not the best looking person, not the best artist, not a great photographer -- but I do have a good eye for aesthetics), which sort of reminds me of your eye's pursuit for the look of the great masters: "I have always known what I wanted, and that was beauty... in every form."  Even if I am not great or never achieve anything wonderful, I don't doubt my intention to pursue it and hold even one work from my effort that meets my high standards for what is beautiful or have as much fun trying to as possible.


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