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Wordpress question/s

Guys, at some point I need to make a few new websites that are now made and maintained through frontpage because it's only a matter of time before none of that stuff works.

Someone suggested wordpress to me and I was going to go and look around and ask questions but in order to get on their forum, you have to sign up for a blog and I don't need a blog, nor do I want to sign up with one of my normal user names in case I ever need to do a blog and it seems that I can't ask questions on their forum without getting a damn blog name so, I thought I'd ask here.

I do NOT need to make an e-commerce site but I looked at their options and it seems that if I get the free site option, I will have ads and that won't work so it's the $99 a year option for me.


So, here are a few questions:

1. I assume I can just build this and test it and later just point the domain and name servers to the right place once it works?

2. DO I build this online or do I have to have some software locally and then upload things?
I am dumb as a post (which is why I like frontpage) so I need this to be VERY simple. I know have a Shopify site myself and I've gotten it to look alright but considering it's a template, I think things are harder than with frontpage.

3. I'm guessing if you buy a template/theme from someone, you get some level of tech support?

4. I went to the wordpress site and looked at templates/themes https://wordpress.org/themes/ but didn't find a way to just scroll through the different themes.

5. Someone said in one of the posts on the forums NOT to get a free theme as it could have virus or other problems.

6. Can I just work on a website in any kind of name (wordpress name I make up) and then just transfer/copy it to some other name? The reason I'm asking is that I already have a blog account for the site/s that I'm thinking of doing but don't necessarily want to confuse things. Ie, I signed up for some account google years ago and by the time I figured out that this was not what I wanted, I realized I was stuck with whatever options I had chosen. Ie, no going back.

Thanks for any replies and I'm sure as you reply, I'll have more questions.


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