Help request - Blown highlights with my E-P5

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Re: Help request - Blown highlights with my E-P5

I have to say that the files that came straight out of my E-P2 were some of the best I've ever had out of any Olympus camera, especially in regards to COLOR.  JPEG's were always top notch.   That Panasonic 12mp sensor used in most of the early Pen's was a winner for sure.

However, there is so much MORE I can do with the E-P5 than the E-P2, I don't mind the small niggles when it comes to exposure and color, both of which are easy to correct in post, if they even need correcting.

I'm also learning to make much better use of the VF-4 attached to my E-P5, in terms of getting things right "in camera" before pressing the shutter button.  On bright sunny days with bright subjects, using the exposure compensation dial is a must, because subjects can be too bright when looking at images strait out of the camera, but not excessively so.  But then it depends on the subject....sometimes it needs to be dialed up as well.

But I love being able to see such an accurate representation of the image in the VF-4 before pressing that button, it really helps a lot.

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