Sigma 50-500 v 150-500 v Nikon 80-400?

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Re: Sigma 50-500 v 150-500 v Nikon 80-400?

I have and like the Sigma 150-500. You need either unfailing tripod use or very good technique to get the full resolution out of any of these lenses, but -- if you do your part -- I doubt that any of them will disappoint. My friend has the new Tamron 150-600, which tests better than the Sigma. I can believe the tests, but am generally the weak link when I use my current lens. So I am not particularly inclined to change lenses for whatever miniscule advantage may be there. I would say, though, that the real weakness of this lens is in its inability to close focus -- its nearest focus is something like 7 feet. I have missed a few bird shots that I would have loved to get because the focus just wouldn't go near enough. In addition, if you could focus noticeably nearer, you could get dragonfly shots that would fill the lens, for example. So my one bit of wisdom on these lenses is to pay attention to the near-focus spec. If you're like me, you'll care about it more than you may realize.

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