Chickadee Fun with D810

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Re: Chickadee Fun with D810

Chickadees are lots of fun to photograph as you have shown. Thanks for sharing your photos with the D810.

That said, I don't think the results speak to anything about the D810 per se nor even about the lens used. Here are some samples of chickadees with the ancient Nikon P&S CP8800, D40x, D200, D300 and D700.

Keep on shooting as birds are always willing performers ! ... and they do challenge our skills as photographers!

Wow John! Those are some incredible photos! I love the one where he's on someone's hand with a big peanut! Ha! And the ones with wings love love it!

I would love to see you shoot with the D810! I don't know if you looked at my photos at 100% (I actually think some of them are larger than 100% here...don't know what dpreview does to the crop when it uploads it). You can actually see the vanes and barbs in the feathers. If you look at them small, you just don't get the same affect. I tried to zoom in on yours and couldn't. My bet is that although they are MUCH better than mine in many ways, they don't hold near the detail. I could be wrong and you have smaller files on your website. Either way, your photos are fantastic and gave me a good smile and encouragement for further improvement

If you haven't, click on my photos and then click on 100%. Let me know what ya think.


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