Chaco Canyon Indian Ruins

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Chaco Canyon Indian Ruins

I recently visited Chaco Canyon Historical Park in New Mexico. I arrived in the afternoon in very harsh light. So, I spent the day scouting for photo locations for later in the day. I discovered several excellent photo opportunities, but unfortunately the weather turned as the day progressed. The skies were overcast and there was light rain for the rest of the day and the vast majority of the following day.

I'm glad I scouted the locations, because I had about 15 minutes of light on Day 2 and was able to quickly get into position to capture about six images before the light was gone once again.

On the morning of the third day, I once again woke up to overcast and drizzle. Despite the hopelessness of the conditions, I went out to Fajada Butte anyway. To my delight, the sun broke through for a few minutes just after sunrise and I was pleased with those early morning images.

I wouldn't have captured any photos but for the fact that the impassable roads extended my visit. I was unable to leave due to muddy road conditions. My first attempt at an exit failed when my car temporarily got stuck in the mud. This is mud like I've never experienced before. It's almost like glue. I was very fortunate to be able to get enough traction to get my car out of the mess and return to the park.

As you can see by many of my images, the skies were dark. Most of the time, the dark skies are in the general direction of the road leaving the park!

Despite these challenges, Chaco will always be a special place to me. Most of the time, I was the only one at these ruins for hours at a time. It's an impressive place. Shortly thereafter, I visited Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde was overrun with tourists....there were long lines to purchase tickets for ruin walks. I thought I was in Disneyland!

Anyway, here goes...(the color ones will follow)


Fajada Butte


Pueblo Bonito


Ancient Corridor


Great Kiva


Casa Rinconada


Pueblo el Arroyo

Thanks for looking...


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