Sigma 50-500 v 150-500 v Nikon 80-400?

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Re: Sigma 50-500 v 150-500 v Nikon 80-400?

Per Baekgaard wrote:

OceanFroggie wrote:

It seems two boil down to the 50-500 v 80-400G.

There has been only a few mentions in this particular thread on the Tamron 150-600mm, but I think it would be wise to consider also the Tamron in addition to the two above. As already mentioned, most reviews conclude that in the overlapping range (in particular 200-400mm) the Tamron and Nikon are very similar, and it's difficult to pick either based on image quality/sharpness. There isn't much difference in apertures either.

I think the AF on the Nikon should be faster, even though the Tamron is no slouch. Both are well built. I was expecting the Tamron would lack some microcontrast, but it's better than then what I had anticipated.

I have not seen any indications that the Sigma would be sharper than the Tamron; it's probably the other way round (as you might expect comparing an older design with a brand new one).

My experience so far is that the Tamron is a quite strong performer, especially in the 200-500mm range, where it is pretty sharp already wide open. When shot at 600mm it needs to be stopped down a bit (1/3 to 2/3 a stop) to maintain similar sharpness. So you might think of it as a 80-400mm with a built-in teleconverter (although you don't have the 80-150mm range).

Spot-on assessment from Per. I concur. Although I do not have any of the "other" lenses (i.e., Sigma or Tamron) based on the examples I've seen here (especially from the 150-600; Kris in CT) maybe I would have gone that route... had I not already pulled the trigger on the 80-400 AFS. Oh well. I am enjoying the lens very, very much (more than anticipated). Very happy with it. Good choices and good alternaives are what we all want. Image-wise, I don't think hardware is going to be the problem!

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