Sigma 50-500 v 150-500 v Nikon 80-400?

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Re: Sigma 50-500 v 150-500 v Nikon 80-400?

OceanFroggie wrote:

Any recommendations from direct experience of any of these would be much appreciated.

Planning to use with a D5200 for now, and possibly a newer DX body next year (i.e. D7100 successor).

Out of curiosity -- did you never consider the new Tamron 150-600 VC?  It is optically similar to the Nikon 80-400VR at 400mm, and gives you additional reach to a true 600mm.  Many have found it superior to the 80-400VR at the tele-end, while others say its equal.  Either way, considering its 1/3rd the cost for equal or better, that's pretty good.

One reason the Tamron can do this is that the Tamron is only a 4x zoom optical formula (150x4=600), whereas the Nikon is a 5x zoom optical formula (80x5=400), meaning that, technically, the Tamron is a more simple design.

That being said, it is also considered to perform better than Sigma 150-500 & there is a strong consensus that the Tamron is a better lens.  Since you didn't include it in your list of possibilities, that's why I'm writing, just in case you've overlooked it.

The Nikon is nice, but for $2,700, its not -that- nice.

The Tamron, at $1060, is similar quality and a lot nicer to the wallet (and if you're worried about failure or reliability, you could buy another one & still have money left over, if you ever had any issue)!

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