Fall and rise of an Olympus OM-D E-M1

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Fall and rise of an Olympus OM-D E-M1

I live in Angola and this year I spent my Easter vacations in Porto - Portugal.

1 - one day I decided to take some photos of Douro river at night. It was about 10 PM and I was taking photos of Ribeira pier from the other side of the river. I found myself in a place where there was barely any light and it was getting cold. I was using a scarf and I didn't realize that one of the scarf end was under the tripod feet. I took some photos and when I stood up, the scarf end unbalanced the tripod and the ensemble fell down to the river.

Above the river wall I could see my Olympus EM-1 lighting in the dark, below the water surface. The water level was shallow, about half a meter and I decided to go down to pick up the camera. I found stairs near me and went down to pick up the EM-1. When I finally grabbed it the screen was still lit. I quickly removed the battery and returned home very disappointed. At home I cleaned the camera and the lens, as much as I could, with a cloth and also I blew it with an air dryer.

Before the fall

2 - the following day I check the gear again. The lens (m.zuiko PRO 12/40mm) was all fogged and I also could see some big drops of water in the bottom.

I sent the EM-1 with the lens to the Olympus service center and I waited for a diagnose and a budget for one month. I asked for that information a few times without any answer. After several attempts I finally received the answer. The repair budget was too high and it wasn't economically advisable to repair the camera. I asked them to send me back the camera and the lens and in the mean time I ordered a new gear without lens. I already had several m4/3 lens and I also planned to use my old 4/3 lens with an adapter.

3 - After several days I received the faulty equipment and I was very displeased with what had happened. I opened the bags with the label "not repaired" and I took the gear in my hands thinking what I could do with it. I turned on the camera but the battery was discharged. I put the battery to charge and expected to try again later. When the battery was charged I put it in the camera and for my astonishment and delight the camera it was working. I checked the menus and buttons and all of them seemed to be working properly. I tried to auto-focus and it was not working, but when I tried with another lens AF was working. So the AF in the zuiko 12-40mm lens was faulty (it is possibly that the motor is out of shape, I thought), but the manual focus was working correctly, so I can use it in MF mode. I didn't found any issue with the camera (unless the lack of the eye rubber in the view finder and a little scratch in the display, due to the fall) and the pictures I took seemed to be good. After a few days I received the new E-M1, but I decided to keep it in the box as the old one was still working. From that date on, I used the old E-M1 with the lens I have. The m.zuiko 12/40mm only worked in MF mode but pictures were good.

Return Without Repair

Olympus OM-D E-M1

4 - This summer I went to Portugal again and I spent some days up in the north of Portugal - taking some pictures in the small villages. The weather was very dry and hot. One night I was taking photos in a camp fair party and "hellas", auto focus with 12/40mm was working again, and is still working until now.

"Hellas" AF it's working

Autofocus is working.

And now autofocus is working

And this is the story I found interesting to share with you.

In conclusion:

I give A+ for the OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1. It has recovered by itself, without any aid.

I give a C for the Olympus Service Center, someone there threw the towel without adequate evaluation of the fault.

P.S. I apologize for my bad english, but this is not my first language.


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