Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-layer sensor a'la Foveon

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Re: Canon 7d-ii rumor: multi-lawyer sensor a'la Foveon

SigmaChrome wrote:

HBowman wrote:

If Canon come with a foveon like sensor, be sure it will be better in every way than the actual foveon. First, it will handle ISO and second, every raw developers will support it. They can't go other way around.

That said, I do not know if it will be a true 3 layers sensor. I do not know if Foveon patents are in public domain yet. If yes, others can use it. If no, they can circumnavigate it.

I think every one here know that if a big manufacturer such as Sony, Nikon, Canon or even fuji, come with an ironed 3 layers sensor, it will kill the SIGMA niche forever.

We know this multi layer story from Canon since a long time now. They have more resources than SIGMA, more engineers. If they really did it... they took time and efforts to develop it perfectly unlike SIGMA.

The 7D being an APS-C, if featured with such a sensor, nobody with a sane brain would even venture to buy an SD1 nor any Sigma DSLR. Let say that if they can come close to 80% in IQ compared to actual SIGMA IQ at base ISO, the jump is mandatory.

Wow, Hulyss, you just open your mouth and tell us that everything you say is the irrefutable truth and of course, we should just believe you.


What ??

Nothing is affirmative in my post populated with "if", "I think". Cool down a minute

Do you think that Canon will launch something like a SIGMA camera ? Do you think they will shoot themselves in the foot providing a non performer camera ? It's is just a call of logic.

If it is the 7D successor and if the sensor is multi layered as the rumor say, it will be a performer, in a way or an other.

Logic says that if they do it, what will be the cards in SIGMA hands ? Quattro sensor in SD body, maybe something new we do not know about yet. Maybe the SD Quattro will have improved ISO ?? Who know ??

But at performance level, it is pretty safe to affirm that Canon is sevral parsec away from SIGMA (even thought the pixels are not the same).

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