newbie and my beginning of a NX lens set - help

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newbie and my beginning of a NX lens set - help

Hey there, just bought myself the NX310M bundle (so NX300M + bag + charger + 2nd battery) for 360€/480$. The kit lens is the 18-55 III OIS version.

Now I am thinking about what lenses to add to that kit lens.

I am strongly in favor of getting a more compact lens, as the 18-55mm lens is not that mobile/portable after all. Along the lines of the maxim 'your best camera is the one you always carry with you'. (Which is the whole point of going mirrorless in the first place, for me.)

I am considering two lenses for that:

  • The other kit lens (20-50mm II) which I could buy today for 85€/115$ (used, but in good condition). On the plus side: that is quite cheap, maybe even a bargain, and a more compact version of a zoom lens - to handle most situations. On the other hand: it seems odd to begin my NX lens set buying sth. that I might not need in the long run as it is a straight up competitor of the 18-55 III, which I suspect I'd prefer (due to the OIS).
  • The 30mm f2 pancake seems to have a splendid reputation and looks very good for a compact, always carry the cam with you, normal focal length option. I'd apparently have to spend ~230€/300$ for that lens, so significantly more; though I suspect I'd want to buy it at some point anyway, even if I don't get it now.

That is my most important question; so if you reply at all, please way in on this 2nd, more compact lens option. Buying both may also be an option (30mm because it is so good; the other because ... that price).

Another lens I'd probably want to buy at some (soonish) point in time, is an option at the wide-angle spectrum. Lenses considered:

  • The 12-24mm looks very interesting, but I am shying away due to the price, atm. Holy mother of no more cash in my purse.
  • 16mm f/2.4 should do the trick at a smaller price point, I guess. But the missing 4mm makes me wary.

I'll also need a lens for portraits (exclusively street portraiture), for which the 18-55mm should do okay for the time being, but in the medium/long run:

  • 85mm f1.4, which could complement the 18-55 nicely (also giving me a first tele-option), looks good, but very pricy. I am slightly wary of the lack of stabilisation for such a focal length and hand-held street portraiture.
  • 60mm f2.8, the more affordable option. Has OIS. I suspect that if I buy this, I'd never get the 85mm, but only extend the range with the 50-200mm at some point.
  • Apparently there is a cheap Samyang 85mm f1.4 option out there that works with the NX mount, anybody know anything about it?
  • 45mm f1.8 for full-body work. Anybody got this one?

Other lenses I would think about in the long run (any advice on quality appreciated, but the questions above are more 'urgent'):

Tele-lens for catching that castle on the horizon:

  • 50-200mm, I guess. Looks good & quite affordable.
  • 18-200mm; I don't think so; I prefer a lens set & the price makes me prefer the 50-200mm
  • 85mm f1.4 as above, because if I buy that one, I might hold off re: very narrow angle for a while and 'be stuck' with 85mm

Also, a fisheye (a nice addition to a well-rounded set, if niche):

  • Samsung 10mm f3.5 Quite affordable, with iF.
  • Samyang 8mm f2.8 UMC Fisheye. Different concept/projection, apparently. Anybody own one of these? Manual.

About me: I am fairly new to good photography; mostly as I only have the funds available now that I am starting proper work (but less time, ofc .... sigh). The only true experience I have with anything > compact cams are various DSLRs which I could loan from university. I am an amateur and will remain one. Photography is not work-related. Almost all of my photography is done outside & by hand; with the exception of inside (often low-light) photography for private purposes (gettogethers with friends & family). I haven't used tripods yet.

Sorry for the small essay; this nebwie has lots of questions. I try to do my research before asking questions, but in the end a general review doesn't replace targeted suggestions by people with hands on experience (imho).

Samsung NX300M
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