Nikon 500mm f/4 VR or ?

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600mm heavy - go for the 500mm


Throughout my early years I played Prop in rugby because of my build and have been the same ever since.

I recently got the 600mm and must say that even for a person of my size it has turned out heavier than expected causing me to miss quite a number of opportunities by not having the camera/lens in my hand because of them being on the tripod.

I often realized that if I had the 500mm instead I may have been able to take the shot(s) hand-held.

There is not that much difference 'reach-wise'  between the 500mm & 600mm yet a definite difference 'weight-wise' .  With today's technology one can easily crop shots while still retaining details. If you have the option between the 2 lenses I would go for the 500mm.

Check the 500mm hand-held a number of replies further back.



D810 + 600mm VRII + Jobu Pro2  + Gitzo 5542ls

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