Steadicam vs Brushless Gimbal - Are Steadicams / Pendulum Stabilizers Obsoleted?

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$1,200 Came-tv 7500 sold? $310 Feiyu gyro for GoPro


I ended up picking a Came-TV 7500. It was pre built and configured. I was ready to go in less than 5m with a Canon 5D MK3 with a 24-70mm lens. ... The brushless gimbal really lets anyone pick it up and go. Balancing is a bit tricky, but that applies to both products. ....In conclusion for $1200 the brushless gimbal won hands down.

Pick it up and go? Anyone?

According to video reviews posted by "Cheesycam" and Tom Antos, the set-up and software configuration time requirements of the Came-TV 7500 are considerable. I'd guess that some re-balancing is necessary with any lens change or perhaps at the time of any set-up.

netquity wrote:

Actually it was the Monocam CF. Also as a minor update I sold my Came-TV 7500. Great gimbal if you are looking for something Turn-Key and ready to run.

A minor update? Why such praise merchandise kept barely a week?

Obviously, $1,200 was a lot to pay for a marginal improvement over what one needs only occasionally or can obtain by cheaper means. If a camera or lens already has some OIS, and the camera is supported by some means (monopod, cage, balance) that reduces shake.

Feiyu has introduced a $310 3-axis gyro for GoPro.

Too bad it's not sold with a universal 1/4" screw mount.  Too typical that the innovation comes from a new company, rather than the traditional manufacturers, who seem to dwell in a world of rotary dial desk phones.

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