Help request - Blown highlights with my E-P5

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Re: Good catch ...

Klarno wrote:

That has to do with the light in your scene and nothing else. Film and imaging sensors record light in a more or less linear fashion, whereas the eye is adaptive and actually has variable sensitivity throughout its field of vision. Because of this, to achieve a result we perceive as natural, some scenes require post-processing, or at least messing with the highlight and shadow control for JPEG shooters.

Your shot's highlights basically look 1/3rd stop overexposed to me, but not exactly "blown". As others have pointed out, this is pretty much the way to go for digital--the ideal RAW exposure is to expose-to-the-right, or basically to expose so your highlights are as bright as possible without clipping, giving you the best possible signal-to-noise ratio.

There are also highlights are meant to be blown. If you try to expose to retain detail in light sources and specular highlights, of course everything else in the scene will be dark.

Really well put.  Should be very helpful to the OP ... especially "This is pretty much the way to go with digital."

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