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Re: Proof center PDAF works on Touit kenses

audiobomber wrote:

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

Pepe-Lepue wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

PDAF does work with the Sigmas, but only in the center.

I don't believe it does. My 30mm Touit does not support PDAF, yet in AF-C mode with Wide focus area, I get flashing green squares in the Center AF area. Clearly this does not show that PDAF is available, because everyone agrees the Touit does not use PDAF. From your description, the Sigma acts the same way.

My Touits work with PDAF in center. In AFC wide I get the tiny squares in the center indicating PDAF.

It's well known that the little green squares are PDAF. And it's clearly stated so in all of Sonys documentation. The following is a shot of my A6000 + Touit 12 with the center lit up with PDAF indicators.

They are PDAF points that are lighting up, but are they able to move the lens? IMO they are just the camera reading PDAF focus confirmation.

Confirmation following PDAF, so yes, DN 30 does have PDAF support in the center spot.

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