Families torn apart by Ebola: Photographer risks his own life to chronicle harrowing scenes in Liber

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Getty Photos of Ebola Victims

captura wrote:

- one photographer has bravely travelled to Monrovia, Liberia to chronicle work on the frontline. The pictures, by John Moore, from Getty Images, capture the harrowing scenes of families torn apart by the deadly disease, along with the medical workers battling to save the sick...

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Moore wears protective garmants.  He is at risk of Ebola only if he touches infected people or somehow inhales their bodily fluids.  The biggest hazard is getting stuck in Liberia due to quarantine or perhaps an attack by someone not interested in being a piece of lurid imagery in the Getty Archives.  Perhaps people mistake him for a doctor.  Assignment to Tikrit might be more dangerous.

There is no proven treatment, other than administration of aspirin to reduce fever or water to combat dehydration.  The sad thing is that many "containment centers" lack even these basics.  Suppression of the epidemic requires something a bit harsh: isolation of the infected, whether they live or (more likely) die.  Relatives are understandably hostile or skeptical.

14th century Europeans gaped at stories or depictions of the bubonic plague.  People of the 21st have changed very little.  There is a grisly appetite for horror.

Many dim shades of gray, to be sure, in the quest for money shots.

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