Why "Body Parts"

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Why "Body Parts"

I want to encourage you to take part in the current Mini-Challenge.  The Mini-Challenge, in some ways, is the heart of this forum.  There, you can share your photos and get some response, you can get to know other forum members as photographers and people.

This week the theme for the Challenge is "Body Parts". You may wonder why I chose such a topic.  I was thinking about some body parts I didn't take a photo of...

I wish I had taken a picture of my dad's hands.  I find myself talking so often about how big his hands were, and his fingers.  Those hands carried me safely through my childhood.

I wish I had a good photo of my mom's skin.  It was so white, and it had such fine texture.  There were seven Sullivan sisters and they all had skin like Irish princesses.

I wish I had a photo of my daughter's hair when she was little.  She was born with a full head of long hair. It was so soft and curly, so different from the hair that grew in when we first cut it.

I wish I had a picture of my son's face.  He went out to Newfoundland and I haven't seen him for years. I forget what he looks like.

I had an Egyptian friend in Dauphin, Manitoba whose ears were perfectly heart shaped.  I know you don't believe me.  I wish I had taken a photo.

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