Could the FZ1000 be the beginning of the end of the DSLR?

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Could the FZ1000 be the beginning of the end of the DSLR?

Sony as a corporation is bleeding and being propped up by their Japanese domestic Insurance division. All their other units are under tremendous pressure to make profits. Hence they are unlikely to limit production or distribution of their 1" sensor anytime soon. IMO.

As the (now primitive) FZ18 (and an absolutely terrible Olympus I seem to recall) kick started the decade long boom in tiny sensor superzooms, perhaps the FZ1000 (and to an extent the RX10) will similarly pressure the other manufacturers into releasing (probably superior) competitors to the FZ1000. It's just another cycle...

What WILL be interesting is over the next 2-5 years which manufacturer will take the jump first into the truly next generation of sensor technologies with such a camera as the FZ1000, which we know will almost certainly be the death-knell of the consumer DSLR. Will it be by natural attrition and market forces, or will a Fuji or a Ricoh or a Panasonic that fires the Death Ray at Canikon first? Or will Apple or Samsung with monster pockets deep enough to dwarf Canon and Nikon decide to buy up some patents and release something truly unforeseen? Remember the 1st gen iPhone and iPad were highly criticised and released to a world of skeptics...

With nanotechnology, superconductivity and material discoveries pushing hitherto unknown boundaries ( a sheet of graphene one atom thick can support the weight of an elephant on a pinhead), I believe we are much closer than we realise to a technological REvolution that will enable things we can barely imagine now. In relation to cameras, I predict that within 2 decades the need for prime lenses of any type will be relegated to museums. Adaptive sensor and lens materials will bend light "on-the-fly" in tiny lenses, with ultra-bright projectors, most likely built into smartphones of the future.

Interesting times...

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