OM-1 or OM-5

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OM-1 or OM-5

I am trying to decide between the OM-1 amd OM-5. Is the OM-1 worth the extra bucks? I am listing the main differences I have found between the two cameras below. THe flash and video are not a concern for me. There actually are more differences than I first thought, but for me the important one is in the finished image.

The OM-1, as far as I know, rarely (if ever) goes on sale. The OM-5 is frequently on sale, with a $200 savings. That makes a rough price difference between the two cameras (body only) at $1400 for the OM-1 and the OM-5 at $1,000, though on sale, $800. That's quite a difference in price, between the full retail on the OM-1 and the sale price for the OM-5. I suspect the market price for the OM-1 does not fluctuate because we are still willing to pay that price.

I am not a technical photographer. I am not as concerned with the technical aspects of so many others that I see here. I generally shoot urban and landscape photography styles.  Obviously the OM-1 has a newer sensor and the specs seem to support that the output is more substantial.  The ISO sensitivity parameters are slightly better  More focus points.  And a significantly better (at least more dots) LCD screen resolution.  Is this worth an extra $600?  Or, if I purchased the OM-5, would I be missing out on some great technology (i.e. better image quality)?

I realize I ultimately have to make the decision but I'd like to toss this choice out to you, and hopefully you will bring out or develop some points that I have not considered. I'm especially interested in hearing from people who have had experience with both cameras.

Thanks so much.

TruePic VII processor
ISO 100 - 25600
WB Presets - 7
Digital zoom - yes 2x
Focus Points - 81
LCD Screen Dots - 1,037,000
Viewfinder Magnification - 2,360,000
Max Shutter Speed - 1/8000 sec.
External Flash incl.

TruePic VI processor
ISO 200 - 25600
WB Presets - 12
Digital zoom - no
Focus POints - 35
LCD Screen Dots - 610,000
Viewfinder Magnification - 1,440,000
Max Shutter Speed - 1/4000 sec
No External Flash

I got this data from this site's "side by side camera comparison" guide.

Canon EOS 7D
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