Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

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Re: Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

Timj351 wrote:

I think this is real but I wonder if another substance other than water is being used. I have two main reasons for this. The first reason is if this guy is so good with PS then why would he neglect to reduce the chromatic aberrations? The second reason is that in the second photo with the archways the reflected image actually becomes wider at the bottom of the image displaying some type of optical perspective from the camera lens used. It effected the entire scene, reflection and all, equally. I think if this was a PS composite of some sort then all of the vertical points would line up from top to bottom. It's possible a mirror was used as well and the edges of the water recreated but I doubt it because of my first reason.

Of course this is all just educated guessing and I know that some amazingly real illusions are possible by talented people. Maybe this photographer could be contacted and asked to comment here?

I was getting to that point as well, so I have just messaged him via Facebook letting him know we are discussing his work. If I do not get a response, I will try later also via 500px's messaging system.


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