700D vs 70D vs Bad Back

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700D vs 70D vs Bad Back

Hi All,

I currently have a well worn, well loved 500D.  I've followed the advise of these forums over the years and have spent my money on lenses rather than upgrading the camera body - advise that has served me well.  I may not have the best lenses, but I have the best I can afford, and I'm very happy with them (list at the end in case it helps).

Now, sadly my 500D may be coming to the end of its natural life (or rather the cost of servicing/repair may not be merited).  I've currently had problems with the memory card reader (in that it went through a phase of not recognising any SD card, even though other cameras did, repeated retries eventually got it working, but it was not a good moment).  That plus the usual "in general need of a service" has made me start contemplating a new body for the first time in over five years.

It would appear that the obvious move for me would be to either the 700D or the 70D, with the 700D being a straight replacement (with some upgrades of course) and the 70D allowing me to do some more with my photography.  The 7D would be of interest, but the cost of that, plus the likely change of some/all of my lenses to account for a full frame sensor would currently make that prohibitively expensive.

My instant feeling was to just go for the 70D - it's a better camera after all.  Now, the problem I have is that I have a pretty terrible back, and every ounce I carry makes a difference, and I was quite surprised at the 50% or so increase in body weight for the 70D.  So, I'm currently trying to weigh up (as it were!) if I can handle the extra weight and if it's worth if for the extra functionality.  I know ultimately it will come down to how it feels (and I still need to do some more playing in a camera shop, so apologies in advance for that), but if anyone here has any insight into whether they feel that the extra few hundred grams (which may not seem like much to most people, but trust me, it makes a difference) is worth it, I will certainly use that to help me make my decisions!  Particularly when it comes to walking around with it around your neck all day (with two children, a wife etc... in tow too!)

As for what I use it for... As a parent, it has to be admitted that probably 80%+ of my photos are of the kids/family.  I also get roped in to photographing family events, and now even the 'corporate photographer' at work (uncredited, and unpaid of course, but I have now been published :-))

The remaining 20% is really me trying to experiment, and get the best shot (be that the best composed, most interesting, using a new technique...) that I can wherever I am, be it on holiday in the countryside (landscapes), about town (cityscapes), in the garden...

I sometimes play around with HDR, sometimes use high frame rates (capturing swimming/jumping in the pool for example).

I can do all of this satisfactorily with the 500D, but if I can up my game, then that's great!

My lenses that I've amassed over the years:

  • Canon EF-S 15-85 f3.5/5.6 - My everyday walkabout lens - I love this lens and it is serving me well on the 500D
  • Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 (Macro) - I use this for macro and some other shots such as portraits - used reasonably often
  • Canon 50mm f1.8 - I love this lens - it's slow, noisy and plastic-y, but was £60 - I get lovely shots off it with the 500D, and once again, it was £60 - I don't see a lens that's better value!
  • Tamron 10-24mm f3.5/4.5 - My wide angle lens - not a great lens, but not terrible.  Only used for some landscapes and some 'experimental' shots
  • Tamron 18-270 f3.5/6.3 - Purchased in haste (we were going on holiday and my previous walkabout lens died just days before, and this was all I could get) - I dislike this lens - unlike the Canon 50mm lens, the lowish price tag of this lens does not yield good results - will likely be sold to help fund the next camera body!

Anyway, if anyone else out there has a bad back, and had the same dilemma, please do let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance

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