Are these reflections real or Photoshopped?

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Re: The reflection is real!

Tom Axford wrote:

In my opinion it is ludicrous to think that the reflection has been created in Photoshop.

The change in parallax is so complicated to simulate that it simply wouldn't be worth the effort!

However, there may have been some Photoshopping to brighten the reflection, etc.

Look at the second one for instance, how come the reflection you see in the wet/shiny pavement doesn't match the stuff in the water, notice how close in the bottom of the glass doors starts and the top yellow part is projected and then in the water it starts again with the near to the bottom of the glass doors and then hits the yellow part above all over again. I mean maybe the water surface is at a different enough of a plane to account for that, but I don't know about that at all.

And for not a single ripple in a city, he'd need a long time with not one person, car, etc. going by and shaking it.

EDIT: although I do see ripples and so on in others of his and some have some really huge and tricky parallax differences.

maybe real but lots of image processing?

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