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Juhaz wrote:

audiobomber wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

PDAF does work with the Sigmas, but only in the center.

I don't believe it does. My 30mm Touit does not support PDAF, yet in AF-C mode with Wide focus area, I get flashing green squares in the Center AF area.

Clearly this does not show that PDAF is available, because everyone agrees the Touit does not use PDAF. From your description, the Sigma acts the same way.

It's definitely PDAF. Even if we were to assume the "dancing squares" are meaningless, the behavior itself is unmistakable. In AF-C mode when using any focus area that fits within that small center square, the focus jumps directly and without hesitation when retargeting the camera with shutter button half-pressed, or when shooting video. It's especially noticeable with small flexible spot, in center position it's smooth and fast but moved couple of steps off-center it reverts to obvious CDAF behavior and starts hunting.

I can also confirm that a lens with no PDAF support (SEL1855 prior to firmware update) DID NOT have those dancing squares in the center, it displayed focus confirmation in AF-C mode with the center sized large squares that you usually get in AF-S. And exhibited the same hunting behavior the Sigma does off-center.

So more likely, "everyone" is wrong and the Touits also have PDAF in the center area.

Right again.

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